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“Used for 1st time and customer service was friend and samples sent out quickly and then job delivered before they originally anticipated, so definitely would use them again!”

Tommy Sommers, LogoZone Promotions





Metropak has been a trusted supplier to distributors for 30 years! In 2021 the company celebrates its 45th year in business.

The Company's owners Eric Grossman and Edward Hanson have known each other since 3rd grade. They have been with the business for 31 years and 29 years respectively. The two have a passion for the business and continue to lead the industry in the "Made to Order Tote Bag" category. The company boasts a great culture and the best service in the industry. They have managed to maintain a 5 star rating with ASI and A+ with SAGE for many years. Metropak has been nominated numerous times by Counselor magazine as one of the industry's best places to work. 
With many stock materials and bag size options, Metropak, through its unique processes and efficiencies boasts the lowest minimum in the industry for "Made to Order" bags. With just a 2,000 minimum for most bags, distributors are able to offer affordable 2 side printing and multiple ink colors.
Boosting its US manufacturing & delivering more sustainable bag options is a priority for the company. This year Metropak introduces RETHINK Poly, a new material made from 90% recycled content. The company's bags made with this extraordinary level of recycled materials are backed up with SCS certification.
Utilizing recycled post consumer materials in our products at such high percentages is really exciting! with our introduction of OceanPoly® in 2020 and RETHINK Poly® this year, we have created two very exciting products that open new doors for our distributors by getting conversations started with sustainable corporations. We have never been more excited about the industry and our future as suppliers.
Our continued investment in the USA and our Texas manufacturing facility, along with our relentless sustainability developments are enabling us to recover a lot of the larger pieces of business that had moved offshore.
Thank you!
Eric & Edward



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